Finnish Spitz


***Puppies Planned for early 2015***

All of our puppies are born and raised in the home environment with other dogs and children.

Good temperament is paramount at Toveri.

For more details contact us by email or by telephone on 01933 413140

However we do recommend reading below before contacting us!

What to expect when purchasing a puppy from us:

* We would firstly expect you to have done some research on the breed and to be sure they are the correct breed for you, your family and your lifestyle.

* We would also like for you to meet us, and our dogs ideally in our home. (Dogs are sometimes a better judge of character than ourselves ;-)

* We would normally do a house check to ensure your garden and house are suitable for a Finnish Spitz. (Or a representative on our behalf)

* If for any reason, at whatever age you are unable to keep your Finnish Spitz, we would insist upon it coming back to us, and under no circumstances must the dog be placed into another home without our knowledge.

* If you have any problems we would like to be the first to know (after the veterinarian if applicable).

* All of our puppies are sold with Kennel Club "endorsements" preventing them being bred from. Such endorsements "can" be removed by us the breeder at our discretion.

This list is not exhaustive, and whilst it may seem harsh we find it saves time and embarrassment if these terms are clear prior to contacting us.

All of our Puppies come with 4 weeks free insurance, diet sheet, worming certificate and are Kennel Club Registered.