Finnish Spitz

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Finnish Spitz Good with Babies?

A. See Here

Q. Are Finnish Spitz good with Toddlers?

A. See Here

Q. Do Finnish Spitz require much grooming?

A. They are an exceptionally clean breed, even for a Spitz, and it is delightful to watch them washing themselves, and each other, until their coats shine after meals and walks. They need remarkably little grooming except when they are moulting, and a good brush each week from head to tail (paying particular attention to combing out trouser, ruff and tail) is ample. The hair, when the coat does drop, is not sticky and will brush or vacuum up very easily, but regular daily combing during moulting is the most sensible answer. As with all dogs, and coated breeds in particular, never allow them to remain wet for any length of time and use a hair dryer after rubbing down if necessary.

Q. Do Finnish Spitz like to dig?

A. See Here

Q. Why is it so hard to find a Puppy?

A. The breed has always appealed to a small number of enthusiasts, rather than having wide popular appeal and it is difficult to know why this should be so.
Reputable breeders will normally only breed when they wish to keep something for themselves and with the average litter size of only 3 - 4, yearly registrations have been between 37 - 27 puppies per year in the last 3 years.

They are not the breed for everyone, and much importance is placed upon finding the right homes before any breeding is considered. 

Q. Do Finnish Spitz get on with cats

A. See Here

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